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Wireless Time Clocks – Yep, TimeClock Plus has ‘em

TimeClock Plus clocks have gone wireless…uh with an adapter that is. TimeClock Plus clocks (RDT 100/200 series and GT-400 Hand Scanners) now have the ability to go from a hard line Ethernet connection to a wireless network connection with the addition of an Adapter. “This allows our customers to have their clock device set up and configured at locations that may be difficult or expensive to run an Ethernet connection to,” said Ernie Nabors, VP of Operations. “As long as the wireless RDT [time clock] and the server hosting WinRemote [ TimeClock Plus’ Real-time hardware/software bridge] are connected to the same wireless network, our clients will be able to perform clock operations as if the clock was connected via Ethernet cable.”

WEP, WPA and WPA2 security options are all compatible with the Wireless Adapter. The wireless connection supports 802.11b/n/g which offers speeds up to 300 Mbps and a range of 175 feet. The latest TimeClock Plus Professional Edition, Web Edition and Small Business Editions are recommended with the new wireless offering. Configuration of the device is simple and fast and the TimeClock Plus Support Department is available to help with the set up for free with the purchase of the unit. 9 year veteran Ricky Perez said, “Customer service is very important to our company. It’s part of our corporate culture and frankly it’s just the way we like to do business. We think this addition to our already versatile clock product offerings will really help our clients.”

About TimeClock Plus

Developed by Data Management Inc., TimeClock Plus is available as a Windows or Web application suite allowing employees to clock in from a workstation or time clock device. As an automated time and attendance solution TimeClock Plus records employee hours for payroll while providing real time labor reporting functions to more than 50,000 organizations worldwide. As a recipient of numerous awards that include Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and Texas Small Business of the Year, DMI has become a trusted provider in time and attendance with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Texas company’s multinational team of developers expanded the Windows and Web product line for SaaS hosted solutions to include mobile phone applications and IVR systems. For more information go to or call 800-749-8463.

TimeClock Plus offers SaaS solution – in real time!

San Angelo, Tx., June 29, 2011 —TimeClock Plus, recognized as an innovative leader in automated time and attendance solutions, is pleased to announce they have taken their award winning software to the cloud with their recent release of TimeClock Plus OnDemand. This new offering from the 23 year old provider presents companies with a solution for minimal startup cost. With simple setup, OnDemand clients easily deploy this Software as a Service, allowing their employees to clock in and out from a browser or clock device while managers and supervisors have complete access to reporting functions. The solution saves organizations time and money by streamlining the labor reporting process and reducing the up-front capital outlay.

“Since 2003 we have offered a web based time and attendance solution. Before we offered it in a SaaS environment we wanted to preserve our real-time differentiation,” said Carol Barton, Vice President of Sales at TimeClock Plus. “We provide our clients with a hosted solution that can include hardware like card swipe terminals, fingerprint and handscanner biometrics, all in a true real time setting. This type of innovation and commitment to quality excellence is what the market expects and it’s what our clients deserve.”

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