TimeClock Plus’ v7 WebClock Certified for Accessibility by Criterion

June 26, 2018  

June 26, 2018 – TimeClock Plus (TCP), a premier provider of workforce management solutions, announces that their innovative v7 WebClock has been certified for accessibility by Criterion. This certification further establishes TimeClock Plus as a true partner in meeting the time and attendance needs of customers.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (also known as WCAG) is a set of requirements that is the international system of software coding standards. WCAG compliance ensures that TimeClock Plus v7 is accessible by everyone, irrespective of disabilities and age. For many of the clients in the marketspace in which TimeClock Plus serves, this requirement is paramount and demonstrates software development excellence. WCAG is important to all clients because it improves the user experience (UX).

“By meeting all the requirements under Section 508 v2 and WCAG 2.0 A & AA guidelines, our clients with users that have disabilities will be able to easily navigate and operate any TimeClock Plus v7 WebClock, thus eliminating any barriers or obstacles. With our team constantly working to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we have provided a product that ensures functionality and accessibility.” – Derek McIntyre, Vice President of Operations.

Due to the importance of web accessibility for the Higher Education industry, institutions are faced with the task of providing their faculty, staff, and students with adequate solutions that offer WCAG compliance. To accommodate, TimeClock Plus v7 offers industry leading workforce management solutions that are in compliance with the highest of standards by meeting the guidelines put forth by Criterion.

About TimeClock Plus

Celebrating 30 years of business, TimeClock Plus has continued to provide premier workforce management solutions by streamlining existing business processes and providing tools to enhance productivity. TimeClock Plus meets the needs of customers by providing innovative software designed to help more than 60,000 businesses and organizations worldwide reduce compliance risk, better manage labor costs, and easily adapt to DOL requirements.

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