TimeClock Plus Modules make it easy to track Multiple TimeZones

Does your company have multiple locations? To make matters worse, are those locations in multiple time zones? Never fear, TimeClock Plus can help.
When used with TimeClock Plus Professional and/or Web Edition, The Multi Company Module allows you to create more than one company within one version of TimeClock Plus. Sure, it sounds a little crazy but it’s true. When you set up a new company in TimeClock Plus, each company’s data will be independent of the data in other companies. If one location has a Monday – Sunday work week, no problem, use the Multi Company Module and the information will behave as if that location has their own version. It’s genius.


But what if your company not only has multiple locations, they also span multiple time zone? Again, the TimeClock Plus team has it figured out. Let’s say a company is hosting their TimeClock Plus database in Texas, but has offices in New York, Washington, and Japan. Without this module, the time for each office would be adjusted to the database server’s time zone (Central). But with the Multi Time Zone Module, each office’s On-Screen TimeClock could be configured for the correct time zone or in Web Edition 3.0 each employee could be configured with the appropriate time zone. Now that’s easy.


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About TimeClock Plus

Developed by Data Management Inc., TimeClock Plus is available as a Windows or Web application suite allowing employees to clock in from a workstation or time clock device. As an automated time and attendance solution TimeClock Plus records employee hours for payroll while providing real time labor reporting functions to more than 50,000 organizations worldwide. As a recipient of numerous awards that include Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and Texas Small Business of the Year, DMI has become a trusted provider in time and attendance with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Texas company’s multinational team of developers expanded the Windows and Web product line for SaaS hosted solutions to include mobile phone applications and IVR systems. For more information go to www.timeclockplus.com or call 800-749-8463.

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